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      David Robbins


           International Vocalist * Entertainer * Impressionist * Actor  




David has been thrilling audiences all over the country with his 90 minute show of Johnny Mathis.

The audience is in complete awe, as soon as he hits center stage, his remarkable resemblance

and vocal abilities that emulate the great artistry of Johnny Mathis.

“Robbins’ genius for imitation is devastatingly accurate, His diction & intonation are excellent; his range allows him to modulate at will and his jazz-oriented sense of time is flawless. His high level of artistry and personality radiates through every number.” Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“Robbins is a throwback to the days when singers really sang.”  Detroit Free Press

Robbins has the powerful and richness expressive voice. His phrasing and emotional depth gets to the guts of a lyric, and he is easily capable of holding an audience in rapt attention.” Hollywood Reporter

“Robbins reveals an ability not only to the sizzle on the up-beats, but can melt the ballads as well. Variety

Robbins is known as a master showman World renowned “The Best Mathis Impressionist”

PERFORMANCES: TV appearances, Concert Halls, Corporations, Conventions, Pageants, Charitable Benefits

Aretha Franklin Concert                                                               Wilhelmina Modeling Convention

Rich Little’s Comedy Concert                                                     Tophat, Windsor, Canada

The Contours Concert                                                                  Premier Center, “Putting on the Stars”

Mr. F’S Salute to the Superstar’s                                                 Muscular Dystrophy Benefit

Governor Milliken’s Ball                                                                Casino Windsor, Show Time Theatre

Andiamo’s Restaurant                                                                  Warnery Ruhl & his Orchestra

American Cancer Society                                                            K-Mart National Convention

“It’s You Big Break” National TV                                                  Jr. Walker & the All Stars Concert

Asher Theatre, Myrtle Beach                                                       Del Webb                                                  

Best Of Times Travel                                                                     Pheasant Run Theater

Donald Trump Mar-a-Lago


                                                                               Press Packages available upon request     


  • La-Salle Festival, Ontario Playground Arena,  Ontario Canada

  • Amway Grand Convention Center  Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Russelville Ballroom Show,  Michigan

  • Fernhill Banquet Show,  Clinton Township  Michigan

  • Comber Festival Fairgrounds,  Comber  Ontario

  • Ritz Carlton Show  Dearborn  Michigan

  • State Wayne Theatre Concert  Michigan

  • Center Stage Show  Port Huron  Michigan

  • Columbus Ballroom Show, at the Westin Hotel  Detroit  Michigan

  • Cleary Auditorium Concert  Windsor,  Ontario

  • Cable Connection Tribute to Johnny Mathis Show , Michigan

  • Jacqueline Cutwright Continental Cable Vision.

  • Governor Milliken’s Ball  Michigan

  • President Ford Convention  Michigan

  • Stroh’s Brewery Convention  Michigan

  • Detroit Edison Convention

  • Joey Van Productions City Lights Concert  Pontiac Michigan

  • Toppinkas Star Liner Show  Michigan

  • Hiram Walker and Sons, Canadian Club Classic Concert  Michigan

  • The Fabulous Fakes Concert  Michigan

  • Bishop Burggess, show   Redford,  Michigan

  • Hamtramck Festival,  Hamtramck, Michigan

  • Dearborn Festival, Dearborn,  Michigan

  • UAW #412 , show Warren, Michigan

  • Polish Century Club,  Xmas show  Hamtramck, Michigan

  • Metro Beach show, Mt. Clemens, Michigan

  • Sterling Heights Park Festival, Sterling Heights, Michigan

  • Cardinal Mercier KYC show, St.Clair Shores,  Michigan

  • Leamington Festival,  Ontario,  Canada

  • Gourmet House show, St.Clair Shores, Michigan

  • Essex Ontario Festival, Essex Arena Grounds  Ontario,  Canada

  • Latin Quarterly show, Guest singer for Gil Hill City Council

  • Detroit Yacht Club show,  Detroit,  Michigan

  • Van Guard Yacht  Special Guest Singer for Lee H. Johnston

  • Royality House Show,  Sterling Heights, Michigan

  • Oak Park Festival,  Sheppard Park, Oak Park,  Michigan                   



  • American Cancer Society

  • Eastern Seal

  • M.D.A

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame



                                United Artist: 313-259-3131

Book a tribute artist for birthday parties, Christmas parties, corporate parties and private parties. Mirror of Mathis is a International Vocalist, Best Entertainer and Impressionist. Hire tribute artist, entertainers for live shows

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